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List of basic discrete mathematics topics
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List of basic discrete mathematics topics

This is a list of basic discrete mathematics topics, by Wikipedia page. Included here is much of the standard mathematical language, used in university-level courses and routinely in reseach papers. This is not, however, intended as a complete glossary of mathematical terms; just a selection of typical terms of art that may be encountered.

Table of contents
1 Mathematical sets
2 Mathematical functions
3 Operations
4 Arithmetic
5 Elementary algebra
6 Mathematical relations
7 Mathematical phraseology
8 Combinatorics
9 Probability
10 Propositional logic
11 Mathematical disciplines

Mathematical sets

Mathematical functions



Elementary algebra

Mathematical relations

Mathematical phraseology



Propositional logic

Mathematical disciplines

For further reading in discrete mathematics, beyond a basic level, see these pages. Many of these disciplines are closely related to computer science.