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List of Bans and Kings of Bosnia
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List of Bans and Kings of Bosnia

920's?-928? Bosnia under King Tomislav of Croatia (see List of rulers of Croatia)

930's-960's eastern Bosnia under the rule of Serb Prince (Knez) Časlav Klonimirović, who acknowledged the sovereignty of the Byzantine Empire. (see List of Serbian monarchs)

968- Bosnia under Croatian king Kresimir (see List of rulers of Croatia)

1019-? Bosnia under Byzantine Emperor Basil II

1080's-1101 Bosnia under King Konstantin Bodin of Zeta (Serbia). (see List of Serbian monarchs)

1102-1160's? Bosnian Bans under Hungarian rule

1160's-1180 Bosnia under Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Comnenus

1154?-1168? Ban Borić

1180 (1170?)-1204 Ban Kulin (died 1204)

1204 - 1232? Ban Stjepan?

1232? - 1250? Ban Matej Ninoslav. Most of Bosnia was under Hungarian control from the 1235 to 1241, when the Hungarians withdrew. Ninoslav established control of most of Bosnia after the Hungarian withdrawal.

1254? - 1287? Ban Prijezda (born 1211? died 1287?)

1267? - 1290? Prijezda II?

1287 - 1316 Kotroman, also called Stephen (Stjepan) Kotromanić or Stephen I Kotromanić, ruled a territory in northern Bosnia as a vassal of the Hungarian King. In 1284 he married Jelisaveta or Elisaveta, daughter of Duke Stefan Dragutin of Mačva;, of Serbia's ruling Nemanjić Dynasty.

1299-1322 Paul and Mladen Šubić, Counts of Bribir in Dalmatia, controlled the Banate of Bosnia.

1322-1353 Ban Stephen Kotromanić (also called Stephen II Kotromanić) (born ?, died 1353). Son of Kotroman. Established as Ban after a power struggle with the Šubić family.

1353-1391 (Ban 1353-1377, King 1377-1391) Tvrtko Kotromanić (born 1338?, died 1391) Nephew of Stephen Kotromanić. Crowned himself 'King of Bosnia and Serbia' in 1377.

1391 - 1395 Stephen (Stjepan) Dabiša; (died 1395) Illegitimate son of Ninoslav Kotromanić, a son of Kotroman.

1395 - 1398 Jelena Gruba, widow of Stephen Dabisa

1398 - 1404, 1409 - 1418 King Ostoja Kotromanić (died 1418) Son of Tvrtko Kotromanić. Power struggles with other Bosnian nobles, including Tvrtko II, during his reign.

1404 - 1409, 1420 - 1443 King Tvrtko II (died 1443) Illegitimate son of Tvrtko Kotromanić. From 1404 Tvrtko II claimed the Kingship of Bosnia, and battled with Ostoja and Radivoj for control of Bosnia, finally forcing Radivoj from the throne in 1420.

1418 - 1420 King Stephen Ostojić. (died 1420) Son of Ostoja Kotromanić.

1443-1461 King Stephen Tomaš (died 1461) Illegitimate son of Ostoja Kotromanić

1461-1463 King Stephen Tomašević (died 1463) Son of Stephen Tomaš. Last King of Bosnia, beheaded by the Turks.

1463 Turkish Conquest (see List of Ottoman Sultans). King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary took control of some northern Bosnian territory after the Turkish conquest, and a Hungarian Ban ruled parts of northern Bosnia (after 1471 the Banate became the Kingdom of Bosnia) until 1527, after the Turkish defeat of Hungary at the Battle of Mohacs in 1526.

Bosnia was set up as a Sandjak of the Ottoman Empire after the conquest, part of the Eyalet (province) of Rumelia. Separate Sandzaks were established in Zvornik (1460's) and Herzegovina (1470). In 1580 the Bosnian and Herzegovina Sandzaks, together with Slavonia and parts of Croatia and Dalmatia under Ottoman control, became their own Eyalet, the Eyalet of Bosnia.

1878-1908 Occupation and administration of Bosnia by Austria-Hungary under a military governor, responsible directly to the crown.

1908-1920 Bosnia and Herzegovina annexed to Austria-Hungary as a crown territory.

1920-1941 Bosnia and Herzegovina become part of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, after 1929 called the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

1941-1945 Bosnia and Herzegovina become part of the Nazi puppet state of Croatia

1945-1992 Bosnia and Herzegovina become an autonomous republic in the People's Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, after 1963 called Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

1992 Bosnia and Herzegovina become independent

Chronology from the . Most of these names and dates have been matched to other sources, others haven't.

1154. - 1168. ban Borić
1170. - 1204. Kulin Ban
1204. - 1232. ban Stjepan
1232. - 1250. ban Matej Ninoslav
1232. - 1255. Prijezda I
1267. - 1290. Prijezda II
1290. - oko 1314. Stjepan Kotromanić
1314 .- 1353. Stjepan Kotromanić
1357. - 1377. Tvrtko
1377. - 1391. Stjepan Tvrtko I
1391. - 1395 Stjepan Dabiša
1395. - 1398. Jelena Gruba
1398. - 1404. Stjepan Ostoja
1404. - 1408. Stjepan Tvrtko II.
1409. - 1418. Stjepan Ostoja
1419. - 1421. Stjepan Ostojić
1421. - 1443. Stjepan Tvrtko II
1444. - 1461. Stjepan Tomaš
1461. - 1463. Stjepan Tomašević