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List of auxiliaries of the United States Navy
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List of auxiliaries of the United States Navy

Ships of the United States Navy
aircraft carriers
amphibious assault shipping
destroyer escorts
escort carriers
patrol vessels
mine warfare vessels
sailing frigates
ships of the line

This is a list of auxiliaries of the United States Navy. It covers the various types of ships that support the frontline combat vessels of the United States Navy.

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Table of contents
1 Crane Ships
2 Colliers
3 Auxiliary Crane Ships
4 Destroyer Tenders
5 Degaussing Ships
6 Ammunition Ships
7 Auxiliary Floating Dry Docks
8 Combat Stores Ships
9 Miscellaneous Ships
10 Icebreakers
11 Command Ships
12 Missile Range Instrumentation Ships
13 Ocean Surveillance Ships
14 Surveying Ships
15 Hospital Ships
16 Coastal Survey Ships
17 Dry Cargo Ships
18 Attack Cargo Ships
19 Advanced Auxiliary Dry Cargo Ships
20 Vehicle Cargo Ships
21 Net Laying Ships
22 Fleet Replenishment Oilers
23 Replenishment Fleet Tankers
24 Tankers
25 Fast Combat Support Ships
26 Transports
27 Self-Propelled Barracks Ships
28 Battle Damage Repair Ships
29 Cable Repair Ships
30 Small Repair Ships
31 Salvage Ships
32 Helicopter Aircraft Repair Ships
33 Auxiliary Ocean Tugs
34 Fleet Ocean Tugs
35 Salvage and Rescue Ships
36 Seaplane Tenders
37 Aviation Maintenance Logistics Ships
38 Destroyer Seaplane Tenders
39 Guided Missile Ships
40 Seaplane Tenders
41 Aviation Stores Issue Ships
42 Distilling Ships
43 Miscellaneous Classifications
44 Harbor Tugs
45 Screw Tugs

Crane Ships


Auxiliary Crane Ships

Destroyer Tenders

Degaussing Ships

Ammunition Ships

Auxiliary Floating Dry Docks

Combat Stores Ships

Miscellaneous Ships


Command Ships

Missile Range Instrumentation Ships

Ocean Surveillance Ships

Surveying Ships

Hospital Ships

Coastal Survey Ships

Dry Cargo Ships

Attack Cargo Ships

Advanced Auxiliary Dry Cargo Ships

Vehicle Cargo Ships

Net Laying Ships

Fleet Replenishment Oilers

Replenishment Fleet Tankers


Fast Combat Support Ships


Self-Propelled Barracks Ships

Battle Damage Repair Ships

Cable Repair Ships

Small Repair Ships

Salvage Ships

Helicopter Aircraft Repair Ships

Auxiliary Ocean Tugs

Fleet Ocean Tugs

Salvage and Rescue Ships

Seaplane Tenders

Aviation Maintenance Logistics Ships

Destroyer Seaplane Tenders

Guided Missile Ships

Seaplane Tenders

Aviation Stores Issue Ships

Distilling Ships

Miscellaneous Classifications

Harbor Tugs

Screw Tugs