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List of Australian independent bands, 1976-1992
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List of Australian independent bands, 1976-1992

This is a list of bands and musicians from Australia who released recordings independently between 1976 and 1992. The criterion for this page is at least one record not distributed by one of the six Australian majors (EMI, CBS/Sony, WEA/Warner, Festival, RCA/BMG, PolyGram) — distribution through other than these six companies having been the generally-accepted definition of an "independent" release in Australia at the time.

The time period starts with punk, carries through the 1980s explosion in the market for Australian indie rock and ends in 1992 with the rise of grunge and the mainstreaming of alternative rock. Several of the independent record labels shut down (e.g. Greasy Pop) or went dormant (e.g. Waterfront) around this time.

The city each band is listed under is generally the city the band formed in.

See also: List of Australian musicians (all genres), Music of Australia

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