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List of Australian highways
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List of Australian highways

This is a list of highways in Australia, sorted by states and territories and number of highways. Note that some highways service more than one state or territory.

Table of contents
1 National
2 Victoria
3 Queensland
4 Western Australia
5 New South Wales
6 Northern Territory
7 South Australia
8 Tasmania
9 See also



41 highways.

Most country road signs in Victoria no longer show highway names, and only give Route numbers. These have been included and will be preceded by M, A, B or C, depending on the grade of the road. This does not apply to Melbourne metropolitan highways, however.

In addition, several metropolitan roads have been given highway designation:


28 highways.

Western Australia

25 highways.

New South Wales

24 highways.

See also New South Wales Highways.

Northern Territory

15 highways.

South Australia

12 highways.


12 highways.

See also