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List of Arizona state parks
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List of Arizona state parks

This is a list of state parks in the U.S. state of Arizona, operated by Arizona State Parks.

Organized by administrative region:

Northern Region

Dead Horse Ranch State Park (Recreational | Camping)
Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area (Recreational | Camping)
Fort Verde State Historic Park (Historic)
Homolovi Ruins State Park (Archeology | Recreation | Camping)
Jerome State Historic Park (Historic)
Lyman Lake State Park (Recreational | Camping)
Red Rock State Park (Recreational | Educational)
Riordan Mansion State Historic Park (Historic)
Slide Rock State Park (Recreational)
Tonto Natural Bridge State Park (Recreational)
Meteor Crater (Landmark)

Southern Region

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park (Education)
Catalina State Park (Recreational | Camping)
Lost Dutchman State Park (Recreational | Camping)
Kartchner Caverns State Park (Recreational | Educational | Camping)
McFarland State Historic Park (Historic)
Oracle State Park (Group Educational)
Patagonia Lake State Park (Recreational | Camping)
Picacho Peak State Park (Recreational | Camping)
Roper Lake State Park (Recreational | Camping)
Sonoita Creek Natural Area (Under Construction)
Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park (Historic)
Tubac Presidio State Historic Park (Historic)

Western Region

Alamo Lake State Park (Recreational | Camping)
Buckskin Mountain State Park (Recreational | Camping)
Cattail Cove State Park (Recreational | Camping)
Lake Havasu State Park (Recreational | Camping)
Yuma Crossing State Historic Park (Historic)
Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park (Historic)