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List of Aragonese monarchs
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List of Aragonese monarchs

Here is a list of the rulers of Aragon, now a region of north-eastern Spain. The Aragonese kingdom included the present-day autonomous community of Aragon. The Aragonese kings of the House of Barcelona ruled as well Catalonia (which included Roussillon, nowadays the département of Pyrenées-Orientales in France), the kingdom of Valencia, the kingdom of Majorca, the kingdom of Sicily, Sardinia and assorted territories in the South of France, including the city of Montpellier.

NOTES:- Names and order of rulers is extremely uncertain. Other persons cited as counts of Aragon include, among others, Jimeno Aznar, Galindo García and Fortun Jiménez

Reign Incumbent Notes
The County of Aragon
?809 Galindo
c.809 to 839 Aznar I Aznar Galíndez
844 to 867 Galindo I Galindo Aznárez
867 to 893 Aznar I Aznar Galíndez
893 to 922 Galindo II Galindo Aznárez
922 to 9.. Andregota Galíndez of Aragon Andregota Galíndez married García Sánchez of Navarre
Counts of Aragon and Kings of Navarre
Pamplona/Navarre Dynasty
926 to 970 García I García Sánchez Abarca
970 to 994 Sancho II Sancho Garcés Abarca
994 to 1000 García II, the Trembler or the Tremulous '''García Sánchez Abarca
1000 to 1035 Sancho III, the Great Sancho, el Grande
The Kingdom of Aragon and Navarre
1035 to 1063 Ramiro I Ramiro Sanchez
1063 to June 1094 Sancho I Sancho Ramirez Sancho V, King of Pamplona
June 1094 to 1101 Peter I Pedro Sanchez Conquered Huesca
1104 to 1134 Alfonso I, the Battler Alfonso Sánchez, el Batallador Conquered Zaragoza
The Kingdom of Aragon
1134 to 1137 Ramiro II, the Monk '''Ramiro Sánchez, el Monje Abdicated
1137 to 1162 Petronila Petronilla Queen; married Count Ramon Berenguer IV The Saint of Barcelona)
to 21 November 1150 Garcia IV García Ramírez IV de Navarra y I de Aragón, el Restaurador
Kings of Aragon and Counts of Barcelona
Barcelona Dynasty
1162 to 25 April 1196 Alfonso II, the Chaste or the Troubadour Alfonso Rámon, el Casto''' Alfonso I of Barcelona; conquered Teruel
1196 to 1213 Peter II, the Catholic Pedro Alfonsez, el Católico Pedro I of Barcelona; killed at the Battle of Muret by Simon de Montfort
'''Kings of Aragon and Valencia, Counts of Barcelona
Barcelona Dynasty
1213 to 27 July 1276 James I, the Conqueror Jaime Pedrez, el Conquistador Conquered Valencia, Majorca and Ibiza; author of the Libre dels feyts
1276 to 1285 Peter III, the Great Pedro Jaimez, el Grande Peter I of Valencia, II of Barcelona; conquered Sicily
1285 to 1291 Alfonso III, the Generous or the Liberal Alfonso Pedrez, el Liberal Alfonso I of Valencia, II of Barcelona; conquered Minorca
1291 to 1329 James II, the Just Jaime Pedrez, el Justo
1327 to January 1336 Alfonso IV, the Good Alfonso, el Benigno Alfonso II of Valencia, III of Barcelona
January 1336 to 1387 Peter IV, the Ceremonious Pedro el Ceremonioso Peter II of Valencia, III of Barcelona; deposed the Kings of Majorca; author of the Chronicle
1387 to 19 May 1396 John I, the Hunter Juan Pedrez, el Cazador
1396 to 1410 Martin I, the Humanist Martin Pedrez, el Humano last direct descendant of Wilfred I the Hairy, Count of Barcelona to rule; died without legitimate heir, occasion of the Compromise of Casp
1410 to 1412 interregnum
'''Kings of Aragon and Valencia, Counts of Barcelona
Trastámara Dynasty
1412 to 2 April 1416 Ferdinand I, the Just Fernando, el Justo a.k.a. Ferdinand of Antequera
April 1416 to 27 June 1458 Alfonso V, the Magnanimous Alfonso Fernandez, el Magnanimo Alfonso III of Valencia, IV of Barcelona; conquered Naples
June 1458 to 20 January 1479 John II Juan Fernandez de Trastamara In dispute in the War Against John II (1462-1472)
January 1479 to 23 January 1516 Ferdinand II of Aragon and Sicily, the Catholic Fernando el Catolica Ferdinand III of Naples, V of Spain; married Isabella I of Castile; invaded Navarre
'''Kings of Aragon and Counts of Barcelona occupied the throne during the War Against Joan II''' (none reigned in Valencia, which remained under the control of John II)
1462 to 1463 Henry IV of Castile '''Enrique
1463 to 1466 Peter V '''Pedro Peter IV of Barcelona, Constable (Connêtable) of Portugal; son of Pedro, Duke of Coimbra, grandson of John I of Portugal
1466 to 1472 Rene I the Good of Anjou king of Naples
'''Kings of Aragon, Castile and Valencia, Counts of Barcelona
Habsburg Dynasty (House of Austria)
1516 to 1556 Charles I of Spain Carlos Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
1556 to 1598 Philip II Felipe II
1598 to 1621 Philip III Felipe III
1621 to 1641 Philip IV Felipe IV
Kings of Aragon and Counts of Barcelona
'''Bourbon Dynasty During the Reapers' War; (none reigned in Valencia, which remained under the control of Phillip IV of Spain)
1641 to 1643 Louis XIII of France
1643 to 1652 Louis XIV of France, the Sun-King
'''Kings of Aragon, Castile and Valencia, Counts of Barcelona
Habsburg Dynasty (House of Austria)
1652 to 1665 Philip IV of Spain Felipe IV Restored
1665 to 1700 Charles II, the Bewitched Carlos II Died without heirs
'''Kings of Aragon, Castile and Valencia, Counts of Barcelona During the War of the Spanish Succession
1700 to 1705 Philip V of Spain Felipe V
Bourbon Dynasty
1705 to 1714 Archduke Charles of Austria Carlos III styled himself Charles III of Spain (not to be confused with Charles III of Spain
1714 the Catalan-Aragonese confederation was occupied and annexed by Spain, ending the Aragonese monarchy

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