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List of Angels in Evangelion
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List of Angels in Evangelion

The Angels (Shito)
There is not a univerally-accepted list of Angels. Some reverse the first two angels. Some start the list with a 0th Angel or otherwise disagree with this list. The inclusion of Mankind as the "18th Angel" is particularly controversial, but is done for completeness. Their AT field pattern is "blue".

Warning: Plot details follow.

Table of contents
1 1st Angel - Adam
2 2nd Angel - Lilith
3 3rd Angel - Sachiel
4 4th Angel - Samshel
5 5th Angel - Ramiel
6 6th Angel - Gaghiel
7 7th Angel - Israfel
8 8th Angel - Sandalphon
9 9th Angel - Matariel
10 10th Angel - Sahaqiel
11 11th Angel - Ireul
12 12th Angel - Leliel
13 13th Angel - Bardiel (Evangelion Unit 03)
14 14th Angel - Zeruel
15 15th Angel - Arael
16 16th Angel - Armisael
17 17th Angel - Tabris (Kaworu Nagisa)
18 "18th Angel" - Humanity (Lilin)

1st Angel - Adam

When found in the Antarctic in 2000, this Angel's awakening caused the second impact. The act of containing Adam turned him into an embryonic form.

2nd Angel - Lilith

Lilith is the mother of mankind (who are referred to by Kaworu as the "Lilim"). She is secured to a giant cross in Terminal Dogma by nails and by the Lance of Longinus (the "Spear of Destiny"). The Rei clones were possibly created from Lilith's legs. Her blood is generally reckoned to be the LCL fluid used to hold the pilots in their Entry Plugs. The mask she wears is the mask of God, with the 7 eyes of God (Eva 00, 01, 02 combine to have seven eyes as well). This mask is also the logo of SEELE.

3rd Angel - Sachiel

First angel to attack Tokyo 3. Heavly damaged by Berserker Eva Unit 01, then self destructed.

4th Angel - Samshel

Second angel to attack Tokyo 3. Electrowhip attack. Defeated by Shinji in Eva Unit 01.

5th Angel - Ramiel

Diamond shaped. Attempted to drill into NERV HQ. Had energy beam attack. Defeated by Shinji in Eva Unit 01 with the Positron cannon as Rei held off the attack. Afterwards Unit 00 was rebuilt with blue armour instead of orange.

6th Angel - Gaghiel

The only angel to be fought at sea. Defeated by Asuka and Shinji in Eva Unit 02, after damaging or destroying almost 1/3 of the UN combined fleet

7th Angel - Israfel

When attacked, it split into 2 identical "twins". Defeated by a coordinated attack by Shinji and Asuka in Eva Units 01 and 02 (respectively).

8th Angel - Sandalphon

Found as an embryo inside a volcano. Asuka was sent to capture it but it awoke. Defeated by Asuka using coolant and Unit 1's Progressive Knife. (Asuka dropped unit 2's knife when the Sandalphon awoke and Shinji dropped her his knife.)

9th Angel - Matariel

Massive spider-like angel that attempted to burn a tunnel directly into the Geo Front using a powerful acid; appeared during a total power blackout in Tokyo-3. Defeated by units 00,01,02 on battery power. First simultaneous combat operation involving all three units.

10th Angel - Sahaqiel

This angel was in low-earth orbit. It dropped explosive pods down on the Earth, and attempted to drop itself on Tokyo 3. Caught and destroyed by the three children in their Evas.

11th Angel - Ireul

Something like a virus. It grew into a sort of super hacker and attacked the MAGI. Was capable of evolution at an extraordinary pace. Defeated by Ritsuko and Maya.

12th Angel - Leliel

Angel that existed in a type of negative space. It enveloped Eva Unit 01, but before Shinji's Oxygen ran out, Eva 01 went berserk and destroyed the Angel.

13th Angel - Bardiel (Evangelion Unit 03)

A cloud creature that infected Eva Unit 03 while in aerial transport from the United States to Japan. The infection prevented the Entry Plug from being ejected, caused its arms to elongate and allowed it to operate for an extended period without an umbilical cable. Infection first manifested itself during inital activation test at Matsushiro secondary test facility. Disabled unit 02, severely damaged unit 00 after unsuccessfully trying to infect it, Misato Katsuragi was injured. Destroyed by Unit 01 under Dummy Plug control. This incident prompted Shinji to resign from NERV for the second time.

14th Angel - Zeruel

This Angel caused considerable damage to Eva Units 00, 01 and 02. Unit 01 rejected both Rei and the Dummy plug system. It only reactivated when its true pilot, Shinji, returned after a disagreement with his father, Gendou. In battle against this Angel, Unit 01 lost its right arm. The battle continued over the Geo front where Unit 01 eventually ran out of power. The Angel began to attack the soul core of Unit 01, causing severe damage. Eva Unit 01 reactivated and severed the blade arm of the Angel. Unit 01 then used the severed Angel arm to regenerate its own. Unit 01 accomplished 400% SCH in destroying the Angel. The berserking Unit 01 then devoured its S2 Engine and broke free of its armor, the means used by NERV to control it. The Angel was destroyed by Shinji and Unit 01.

15th Angel - Arael

Attacked from space. Mind-raped Asuka. Was destroyed by Rei using the Lance of Longinus.

16th Angel - Armisael

Attempted to merge with Rei and Eva Unit 01. Rei self-destructed her Eva to prevent the merge, destroying herself, Eva Unit 00 and most of Tokyo 3 in the process, but saving Shinji from being merged.

17th Angel - Tabris (Kaworu Nagisa)

Fifth Child, replacement pilot for Unit 02. Although he appears in only one episode of the original series, he is in fact one of the most critical characters to the theme. Initially appearing in the form of a boy, the "angel of free will" appears to fall in love with Shinji and permits himself to be destroyed rather than destroy humanity by contacting Adam's body, which he sought in Terminal Dogma. He possesses some physical characteristics in common with Rei Ayanami, and believed by some to be a human-Adam hybrid created by SEELE in the same way that NERV created Rei as a human-Lilith hybrid.

"18th Angel" - Humanity (Lilin)

Since the Angels are humans which rejected the human form, or alternate incarnations of humanity, the human form is logically the 18th angel, the one which we chose for whatever reason.