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List of alleged conspiracy theories
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List of alleged conspiracy theories

This is a list of alleged conspiracy theories. For a discussion of conspiracy theories in general, see conspiracy theory.

Table of contents
1 Global conspiracy theories
2 Conspiracy theories peculiar to the United States of America
3 Conspiracy theories peculiar to Canada
4 Conspiracy theories peculiar to the Arab and Muslim world
5 Other Conspiracy Theories

Global conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories peculiar to the United States of America

Conspiracy theories peculiar to Canada

Conspiracy theories peculiar to the Arab and Muslim world

The Arab press and government have been promoting many Zionist conspiracy theories regarding the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks. It is now considered a well accepted fact in much of the Arab and Muslim world that "the Jews" or "the Zionists" were behind the 9/11 terrorist attack, and that no Muslims, nor Al Qaeda, were involved.

"Palestinian authorities uncovered Israeli efforts to spread a special kind of gum that contains sexual hormone between Palestinians. The authorities requested laboratory tests on the gum which were conducted in Cairo. Those tests showed that the gum contains progesterone which is responsible for sexual arousal and also prevents pregnancies. Palestinian authorities confiscated 200 tonnes of gum in the city of al-Khalil alone. The Washington Post claimed in report that it asked a chemistry professor in the hebrew university to examine the gum. His tests were negative, however the paper also reported that the majority of Palestinians believe the conspiracy. It quoted one Palestinian saying that it was possible to send a space ship to Mars then it is possible to manufacture a 'sexual gum' it is after all a war. "
Another example of believer in the anti-Arab bubblegum conspiracy
This story is particularly interesting, as it closely resembles a story of LSD-laced papers or candies which continues to periodically surface in the US. In this case the story is considered to be an urban legend as opposed to a conspiracy theory, because no group is blamed for the "attacks". Like the Palestinian case, there is no evidence that anything like this has ever happened.
Daniel Pipes has written a book and many essays on the prevalence of conspiracy theories throughout the Arab and Muslim world. Conspiracy theories extend far beyond those biased against Jews. They extend even to the creation of conspiracy theories about the results of sporting events.

Other Conspiracy Theories

Plot to murder Diana, Princess of Wales

Polls continue to suggest that around a quarter of the
UK public, and a majority of people in some Arab countries, believe that there was a plot to murder Diana, Princess of Wales. Motivations which have been advanced for such a conspiracy include suggestions that Diana intended to divorce The Prince of Wales, that she intended to convert to Islam, and that she was pregnant. Organisations which conspiracy theorists suggest are responsible for her death have included French Intelligence, the British Establishment or British Royal Family, the British Intelligence services MI5 or MI6, the CIA, Mossad, the Freemasons, or the IRA. Alternatively, Diana and Dodi are believed to be alive and living incognito.