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List of ALCO diesel locomotives
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List of ALCO diesel locomotives

The American Locomotive Company (ALCO) produced a wide range of diesel locomotives until it ceased manufacture in 1969. This list is broken out of the main article to prevent it growing unwieldy.

Table of contents
1 Early switchers (HH series)
2 Later switchers (S series)
3 Early roadswitchers (RS, RSC, RSD series)
4 Cab units
5 Century series
6 8-axle units
7 Miscellaneous

Early switchers (HH series)

Later switchers (S series)

Early roadswitchers (RS, RSC, RSD series)

RS series (B-B)

RSC series (A1A-A1A)

RSD series (C-C)

Cab units

Century series

ALCO announced its "Century Series" of diesel locomotives in 1963 as a leap forward in power and reliability, an attempt to compete more aggressively with GM-EMD in the marketplace.

4-axle units

6-axle units

8-axle units