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List of AL Gold Glove Winners at Second Base
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List of AL Gold Glove Winners at Second Base

List of AL Gold Glove Winners at Second Base

Gold Glove

AL: P | C | 1B | 2B | SS | 3B | OF

NL: P | C | 1B | 2B | SS | 3B | OF

1957Nellie FoxChicago White Sox
1958Frank BollingDetroit Tigers
1959Nellie FoxChicago White Sox
1960Nellie FoxChicago White Sox
1961Bobby RichardsonNew York Yankees
1962Bobby RichardsonNew York Yankees
1963Bobby RichardsonNew York Yankees
1964Bobby RichardsonNew York Yankees
1965Bobby RichardsonNew York Yankees
1966Bobby KnoopCalifornia Angels
1967Bobby KnoopCalifornia Angels
1968Bobby KnoopCalifornia Angels
1969Davey JohnsonBaltimore Orioles
1970Davey JohnsonBaltimore Orioles
1971Davey JohnsonBaltimore Orioles
1972Doug GriffinBoston Red Sox
1973Bobby GrichBaltimore Orioles
1974Bobby GrichBaltimore Orioles
1975Bobby GrichBaltimore Orioles
1976Bobby GrichBaltimore Orioles
1977Frank WhiteKansas City Royals
1978Frank WhiteKansas City Royals
1979Frank WhiteKansas City Royals
1980Frank WhiteKansas City Royals
1981Frank WhiteKansas City Royals
1982Frank WhiteKansas City Royals
1983Lou WhitakerDetroit Tigers
1984Lou WhitakerDetroit Tigers
1985Lou WhitakerDetroit Tigers
1986Frank WhiteKansas City Royals
1987Frank WhiteKansas City Royals
1988Harold ReynoldsSeattle Mariners
1989Harold ReynoldsSeattle Mariners
1990Harold ReynoldsSeattle Mariners
1991Roberto AlomarToronto Blue Jays
1992Roberto AlomarToronto Blue Jays
1993Roberto AlomarToronto Blue Jays
1994Roberto AlomarToronto Blue Jays
1995Roberto AlomarToronto Blue Jays
1996Roberto AlomarBaltimore Orioles
1997Chuck KnoblauchMinnesota Twins
1998Roberto AlomarBaltimore Orioles
1999Roberto AlomarCleveland Indians
2000Roberto AlomarCleveland Indians
2001Roberto AlomarCleveland Indians
2002Bret BooneSeattle Mariners
2003Bret BooneSeattle Mariners