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List of aircraft of the RAAF
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List of aircraft of the RAAF

Table of contents
1 Fighters and fighter-bombers:
2 Bombers:
3 Maritime
4 Army Cooperation:
5 Trainers:
6 Helicopters:
7 Reconnaissance and intelligence
8 Transport and utility:

Fighters and fighter-bombers:



Army Cooperation:



=Reconnaissance and intelligence

Transport and utility:

Omitted from list: various short-term and experimental types, one-off models, civil types impressed into short-term emergency wartime service. Types marked RAN operated by the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm. Categorisation is arbitrary, and dependent on the primary practical use of the type, not its design use. For example, the F-4 Phantom, though designed as a fighter and used as such overseas, served in the RAAF only as a bomber. and is listed accordingly.