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List of accidents and incidents on commercial airliners grouped by airline
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List of accidents and incidents on commercial airliners grouped by airline

This is a list of accidents and incidents on commercial airliners grouped by airline.

Table of contents
1 AeroPeru
2 Air Algerie
3 Air Canada
4 Air Florida
5 Air France
6 Air India
7 Air New Zealand
8 Alas Chiricanas
9 Alaska Airlines
10 All Nippon Airways
11 Aloha Airlines
12 American Airlines
13 American Eagle
14 Arrow Air
15 Avianca
16 Bashkirian Airlines
17 British European
18 British Midland
19 China Airlines
20 Delta Airlines
21 Dominicana de Aviacion
22 Eastern Airlines
23 Egyptair
24 El Al
25 Ethiopian Airlines
26 Flash Airlines
27 Gulf Air
28 Indian Airlines
29 Iran Air
30 Iraqi Airways
31 Japan Airlines
32 JAT Yugoslav
33 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
34 Korean Air
35 Lufthansa
36 Luxair
37 Mandarin Airlines
38 Northwest Airlines
39 Pacific Southwest Airlines
40 Pan American World Airways (Pan Am)
41 Philippine Airlines
42 Puerto Rico International Airlines
43 Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia)
44 Scandinavian Airlines System
45 Singapore Airlines
46 South African Airways
47 Swissair
48 Trans World Airlines (TWA)
49 Transair Georgian Airlines
50 Turkish Airlines
51 United Airlines
52 Union des Transports Aeriennes (UTA)
53 Union des Transports Aériens de Guinée (UTA, UTAGE)
54 ValuJet (now AirTran)


Air Algerie

Air Canada

Air Florida

Air France

Air India

Air New Zealand

Alas Chiricanas

Alaska Airlines

All Nippon Airways

Aloha Airlines

American Airlines

American Eagle

Arrow Air


Bashkirian Airlines

British European

British Midland

China Airlines

Delta Airlines

Dominicana de Aviacion

Eastern Airlines


El Al

Ethiopian Airlines

Flash Airlines

Gulf Air

Indian Airlines

Iran Air

Iraqi Airways

Japan Airlines

JAT Yugoslav

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Korean Air



Mandarin Airlines

Northwest Airlines

Pacific Southwest Airlines

Pan American World Airways (Pan Am)

Philippine Airlines

Puerto Rico International Airlines

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia)

Scandinavian Airlines System

Singapore Airlines

South African Airways


Trans World Airlines (TWA)

Transair Georgian Airlines

Turkish Airlines

United Airlines

Union des Transports Aeriennes (UTA)

Union des Transports Aériens de Guinée (UTA, UTAGE)

ValuJet (now AirTran)