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List of 2ch Boards
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List of 2ch Boards

(As of July 2004) This is a list of Ita lit. board, of 2ch.

Table of contents
1 Jisin 地震 (Earthquake)
2 Osusume おすすめ (Must Watch)
3 Tokubetsu Kikaku 特別企画 (Special Projects)
4 Nyusu ニュース (News)
5 Sekai Jyousei 世界情勢 (World News)
6 Annai 案内 (Guideline)
7 Unei
8 Nareai
9 AA
10 Syakai
11 Kaisya, Syokugyou
12 Urasyakai
13 Bunka
14 Gakumon, Rikei
15 Gakumon, Bunkei
16 Kaden Seihin
17 Seiji Keizai
18 Syoku Bunka
19 Seikatsu
20 Neta Zatsudan
21 Kategori Zatsudan
22 Jikkyou ch
23 Jyuken, Gakkou
24 Syumi
25 Supotsu
26 Ryokou, Gaisyutsu
27 Terebinado
28 Geinou
29 Gyanburu
30 Gemu
31 Netto Gemu
32 Manga, Syousetsu Nado
33 Ongaku
34 Kokoro to Karada
35 PC nado
36 Netto Kankei
37 Zatsudankei 2
38 Otonano Jikan
39 Chatto
40 Unei Annai
41 Turu Rui
42 Machi BBS

Jisin 地震 (Earthquake)

These two ita were created to deal with the increase of "Kitaaa!!" that spammed most forums following Miyagi Earthquake (2003).

Osusume おすすめ (Must Watch)

These ita deal with up-to-date news and informations that appeals to many viewers. "channelbox" runs the official mail magazine of 2ch among its many volunteer-run activities. "2ch Okusyon" is an auction site run by 2ch.

Tokubetsu Kikaku 特別企画 (Special Projects)

Each ita are distinct pages dealing with a specific topic. "2ch Kensaku" is a
search engine for 2ch. "Anketo" is a running vote on many topics. "2ch Byua" is about the money-charged service that let its members see past archives of 2ch.

Nyusu ニュース (News)

All ita are about news divided by their topics of interest. All ita with "+" are moderated by giving groups of volunteer contributers the exclusive right to make a new thread.

Sekai Jyousei 世界情勢 (World News)

A sub-group of "Nyusu", these were split in 2004.

Annai 案内 (Guideline)





Kaisya, Syokugyou



Gakumon, Rikei

Gakumon, Bunkei

Kaden Seihin

Seiji Keizai

Syoku Bunka


Neta Zatsudan

Kategori Zatsudan

Jikkyou ch

Jyuken, Gakkou



Ryokou, Gaisyutsu





Netto Gemu

Manga, Syousetsu Nado


Kokoro to Karada

PC nado

Netto Kankei

Zatsudankei 2

Otonano Jikan


Unei Annai

Turu Rui


Machi BBS