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Light Years
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Light Years

Light Years
Album by Kylie Minogue
Released October, 2000
Genre Pop, dance, disco
Length ?? min ?? sec
Record label Parlophone/Mushroom
Light Years is a 2000 album by Australian singer Kylie Minogue. It is her seventh album. It reached number 2 on the charts, and sold 850,000 copies in the UK. It was followed by the On a Night Like This tour.

Track Listing

(*singles) (writers)

  1. "Spinning Around"* (Ira Shickman, Osborne Bingham, Kara Dioguard, and Paula Abdul)
  2. "On a Night Like This"* (Steve Torch, Graham Stack, Mark Taylor, and Brian Rawling)
  3. "So Now Goodbye" (Kylie Minogue, and Steve Anderson)
  4. "Disco Down" (Johnny Douglas)
  5. "Loveboat" (Kylie Minogue, Guy Chambers, and Robbie Williams)
  6. "Koocachoo" (Kylie Minogue, and Johnny Douglas)
  7. "Your Disco Needs You"* (Kylie Minogue, Guy Chambers, and Robbie Williams)
  8. "Please Stay"* (Kylie Minogue, Richard Stannard, Julian Gallagher, and John Themis)
  9. "Bittersweet Goodbye" (Kylie Minogue, and Steve Anderson)
  10. "Butterfly"* (Kylie Minogue, and Steve Anderson)
  11. "Under the Influence of Love" (Paul Politi, and Barry Eugene White)
  12. "I'm So High" (Kylie Minogue, Guy Chambers, and Megan Smith)
  13. "Kids" (duet with Robbie Williams)* (Robbie Williams, and Guy Chambers)
  14. "Light Years" (Kylie Minogue, Richard Stannard, and Julian Gallagher)

The German, Spanish and Japanese versions of the album contain the track "Your Disco Needs You" with the French interval translated into their respective languages.

On some versions (including the UK, German and Spanish versions) there is also a secret track "Password", played by either rewinding past the beginning of the CD, or continuing past the end.


Five singles were released from the album:

"Spinning Around" was released in June 2000. It went straight to number one in Australia and the UK. The single marked Kylie's return to mainstream pop music. The video involved Kylie dancing in a packed nightclub and started the tabloids' obsession with her.

"On a Night Like This", released in September 2000 debuted at number one in the Australian charts and number two in the UK. The song's release coincided with Kylie's perfomance at the Sydney Olympic Games where she sang this song.

In October 2000, the duet with Robbie Williams (UK), "Kids", was released. The song, penned by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers, reached number two in the UK. A different version of this song with a spoken fadeout rap by Robbie Williams appeared on his album Sing When You're Winning.

"Please Stay" was released in December 2000 and made the top ten in the UK and the top twenty in Australia.

"Your Disco Needs You" became an underground hit, especially with gay audiences. Soon fans all over the world demanded a single. Reluctantly the track was released, but only in Germany.

The dance track "Butterfly" proved popular in the club scene, but producers decided to release "Please Stay" instead. However after a remix in 2001, the track was issued in the USA where it was a minor hit in the Billboard charts.

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