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Li is the symbol for the chemical element lithium.
Lee or Li is a transliteration for several Korean family names. Also see Lee, korean family names
For the Confucian concept Li (禮), see Confucianism
As a transliteration for Chinese language, it includes the following:
  1. Family names: Li or Lee is a common transliteration of a few Chinese family names. It can be a transliteration of 李 (pinyin Lǐ), the most common Chinese family name, or of other less common family names such as 黎 (L); 理 and 里 (Lǐ); 郦 (酈), 栗, 厉 (厲), 力and 利 (L).
    • About 7.9 percent of the Chinese population is surnamed 李. As of 2002, there were approximately 103 million people in China and 108 million worldwide with this surname.
  2. An ethnic group (黎族, l z): see Li Chinese.
  3. An abbreviation of names of rivers in China, e.g., Lishui River (澧水, Lǐ shǔi) and Lijiang River (漓江, L Jiāng) are sometimes abbreviated to Li.
  4. A Chinese unit of distance, 里(Lǐ), a li is equal to 500 metres, or about 1/3 mile, in ancient times a li was 360 paces, or about 576 metres (古代以三百六十步為一里).
  5. The ritual (禮, Lǐ), the major principle of Confucianism.

Table of contents
1 Prominent people with family name 李
2 Prominent people with family name 黎
3 Prominent people with family name 利

Prominent people with family name 李

Prominent people with family name 黎

Prominent people with family name 利