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In the Jewish tradition, a Levite (לוי "Attached", Standard Hebrew Levi, Tiberian Hebrew LēwÓ) is a member of the Hebrew tribe of Levi. The Levites were the only one of the Israelite tribes who had no tribal land, and served particular religious duties for the Israelites. In return, the landed tribes were expected to give tithe to the Levites.

A subsection of the Levite tribe, the descendants of Aaron: the Kohanim ("Priests"), had the special role as priests in the Temple in Jerusalem. The Levites (Levi-im in Hebrew), were considered to be the "assistants" to the Kohanim and assisted in the temple services.

Today, the Kohanim are eligible to read the rolls of Torah in synagogues firstly, followed by the Leviim.

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