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Less Than Jake
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Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake are a popular ska/punk band from Gainesville, Florida. They are currently on the roster of Fat Wreck Chords, the record label founded by NOFX singer Fat Mike.

They contributed a song to the soundtrack of the Nickelodeon "Goodburger," which starred Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.

The band has an unexplained fondness for Pez candy, going so far as to name one of their albums "Pezcore" (parodying of the way in which many bands are described as [thing]-core, starting with hardcore) and Pez dispenser motifs are a common feature of their merchandise.


Year Title Label
1995 Pezcore Dill Records/Asian Man Records
1995 Losers, Kings, and Things We Don't Understand No Idea Records
1996 Losing Streak Capitol Records
1996 Greased No Idea Records
1998 Hello Rockview Capitol Records
1999 Pesto Very Small Records
2000 Borders and Boundaries Fat Wreck Chords
2002 Goodbye Blue and White Fueled By Ramen
2003 Anthem Sire Records
2004 B is for B-sides Sire Records

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