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Learning object
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Learning object

A learning object is a reusable unit of instruction for e-learning. In order to use it in different contexts, the presentation has to be separated from the content. which calls for specific data formats. SCORM is such a format.

Alongside SCORM, a draft learning object metadata scheme is underway in the UK. The UK Learning Object Metadata Core attempts to create a consistent tagging system which enables educationalists to tag their learning objects.

Learning object projects

United Kingdom Learning Object Metadata

United Kingdom Learning Object Metadata or UK LOM [1] is currently a draft schema researched by a community of practitioners to identify common UK practice in learning object content.

By comparing 12 metadata schemas, UK LOM puts together the common core of metadata elements and seeks to record common practice, rather than best practice. Its aim is not to be prescriptive but rather reflect what practitioners are doing whilst tagging content.

There are three types of elements within UK LOM:

Mandatory elements must always be completed to ensure interoperability. Optional elements may be included where there is a benefit of doing this. Optional (recommended) elements should be included wherever possible.