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Latin lexicon
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Latin lexicon

Latin wordEnglish meaningGrammatical function
a / abAway from, ByPrep. + Ablative case noun
adUp to, Near, ForPrep. + Accusative case noun
alius, -a, -udOtherAdjective
anteBeforePrep. + Accusative case noun
dies, -ei, m/fDayNoun
deDown from, aboutPrep. + Ablative case noun
e / exOut ofPrep. + Ablative case noun
etAnd, even ifConjunction
In, On
Into, Onto
Prep. + Ablative case noun
Prep. + Accusative case noun
is, ea, idThis, That, He, She, ItDemonstrative pronoun/adjective
lex, legis fLawNoun
nihil / nil, nNothingNoun
proIn front of, On behalf ofPrep. + Ablative case noun
postAfter, BehindPrep. + Accusative case noun
quis, quid
quis?, quid?
Something, Anything, Anyone
Who?, What?
Indefinite pronoun
Interrogative pronoun
sum, esse, fui, futurusTo beCopulative verb
superAbove, On top ofPrep. + Abl/Acc
video, -ere, vidi, visumTo seeVerb

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