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Last Comic Standing
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Last Comic Standing

Last Comic Standing is a reality television series which premeiered in 2003. The object is to select a comedian, who receives a special on the Comedy Central network and a development contract with NBC.

The series is hosted by Jay Mohr. The winner of the audience-participation final vote in Season 1 was Dat Phan; other finalists included Ralphie May, Rich Vos, Cory Kahaney, Tess Drake and Dave Mordal.

Last Comic Standing was picked up for a second season in late 2003.


The game begins when Talent Scouts (Bob Read and Ross Mark) hold open casting calls around the United States in search of 40 comics to go to New York and compete against each other at the Radio City Music Hall. There, two competitions are held as the group is divided. From those two groups of 20 people, 10 are selected to be sent to Las Vegas, where they again compete against each other in front of a live audience. Here, 10 finalists are selected to live in a Los Angeles house together for the duration of the series, while each week one of them is eliminated from the house.

Each week the players have to compete in different games and tasks, all related to stand-up comedy. So far, players have had to perform stand-up at a local laundromat, work as a tour guide in LA, and particpate in a "Roast" at the Friars Club of Beverly Hills. Also, the winner of each contest is rewarded, the biggest one usually being immunity in the stand-off. After the weekly competition, contestants choose another who they think they are funnier than. The person with the most votes chooses someone out of the players who voted for him and they compete at the Last Comic Theater to determine who's voted out for the week.

At the end of all the competitions, one player will remain and be known as the Last Comic Standing.