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La Pampa
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La Pampa

La Pampa is a province of Argentina, located in the middle of the country. The capital is Santa Rosa. The province has a population of 299,294 (2001), and covers an area of 143,440 km². Neighboring provinces are from the north clockwise San Luis, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Río Negro, Neuquén and Mendoza.

La Pampa has a Mediterranean climate, with more precipitation in the northeast of the province, where grain, soya beans and sunflowers (for safflower oil) are grown. The flat open grasslands of La Pampa are devoted to stock-raising.

In 1952 the La Pampa territory was renamed to Eva Perón, and also became a province. However unromantically it was 250km away from Chaco, the province renamed for Juan Perón at the same time. In 1955 both were renamed back to the original names.

Luro, at Santa Rosa, is an early 20th-century estancia now open as a Provincial Reserve.

The province is divided in 22 departments (spanish departamentos).

Department (Capital)

  1. Atreuco (Macachín)
  2. Caleu Caleu (La Adela)
  3. Capital (Santa Rosa)
  4. Catriló (Catriló)
  5. Chalileo (Santa Isabel)
  6. Chapaleufú (Intendente Alvear)
  7. Chical Có (Algarrobo del Aguila)
  8. Conhelo (Eduardo Castex)
  9. Curacó (Puelches)
  10. Guatraché (Guatraché)
  11. Huncal (Bernasconi)
  12. Lihué Calel (Cuchillo-Co)
  13. Limay Mahuida (Limay Mahuida)
  14. Loventué (Victorica)
  15. Maracó (General Pico)
  16. Puelén (Veinticinco de Mayo)
  17. Quemú Quemú (Quemú Quemú)
  18. Rancul (Parera)
  19. Realicó (Realicó)
  20. Toay (Toay)
  21. Trenel (Trenel)
  22. Utracán (General Acha)

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