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A keyboardist is a musician who plays keyboard instruments. The term "keyboardist" is more general than the terms "pianist," "harpsichordist"or "organist", and is often used to describe someone who plays electric keyboards such as the Rhodes, Hammond or synthesizer, as well as the piano, harpsichord, celeste, clavichord or pipe organ.

Table of contents
1 Notable keyboardists

Notable keyboardists

Note: this section lists people who predominantly played electric keyboards as detailed above.

Rock, Pop and Electronica

Rick Wakeman
Keith Emerson
Jean-Michel Jarre
Vince Clarke (Erasure, Depeche Mode, Yazoo)
Chris Lowe (Pet Shop Boys)
Gillian Gilbert (New Order)
Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode)
Alan Price
Billy Preston (session player, noted for his work on The Beatles' Let It Be)
Booker T. Jones
Manfred Mann
Sister Bliss (Faithless)
Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran)
Kevin Moore and Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)
Gary Numan
Stevie Wonder
Nicolas Godin (Air)
Ian McLagan (The Faces)
Karl Bartos, Wolfgang Flur and Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk)


Generally speaking, in jazz music, electronic keyboard players are very often also pianists.

Herbie Hancock
Josef Zawinul (Weather Report)
Chick Corea


Wendy Carlos