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General Information

KDNL-TV is the ABC television affiliate in St. Louis, Missouri.

KDNL-TV is owned and operated by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

KDNL-TV operates on channel 30. KDNL-TV's transmitter is located in the parking lot of the Kenrick 8 Cine on Watson Road.

The station broadcasts in stereo and broadcasts a Secondary Audio Program (SAP) channel, used mainly for Descriptive Video Service (DVS).

KDNL-DT (KDNL-TV's digital channel) operates on channel 31.


KDNL-TV started broadcasting on June 8, 1969.

Until July of 1995, KDNL-TV was the Fox affiliate for the St. Louis area. After the purchase of KTVI by Fox Broadcasting, Fox network programming was moved to KTVI, leaving KDNL-TV free to become the new ABC affiliate for St. Louis.

Local news on KDNL-TV premiered on January 1, 1995 and lasted until October of 2001. Although ratings were initially good, KDNL-TV was never competitive with KMOV, KSDK or even KTVI. Turnover in the newsroom was very high and ratings came to reflect this. Then, in the spring of 2001 while KDNL-TV was for sale, transmitter maintenance was neglected until a failure left KDNL-TV off the air for a number of days. What little audience there was for KDNL-TV's news switched to other sources and never returned. To this day, KDNL-TV is one of the very few ABC affiliates that does not have local news.


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