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Kaesŏng is a region of North Korea. It is bordered by South Hwanghae to the west, North Hwanghae to the north, and Kangwon to the northeast. To the south, the Korean Demilitarized Zone marks the boundary with South Korea. Before the Korean War divided the peninsula, Kaesŏng was part of Gyeonggi province.

Its administrative divisions are:

Administrative divisions of North Korea
Chagang | North Hamgyŏng; | South Hamgyŏng; | North Hwanghae | South Hwanghae | Kangwŏn; | North P'yŏngan; | South P'yŏngan; | Ryanggang
Special Regions
Kaesŏng Industrial Region; | Kŭmgang-san Tourist Region; | Shinŭiju Special Administrative Region;
Self-Governing Cities
Namp'o | P'yŏngyang; | Rasŏn (Rajin-Sŏnbong);