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K.d. lang
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K.d. lang

The title of this article given above is incorrect, due to technical limitations. The correct title is k.d. lang.
k.d. lang (without capital letters; real name Kathryn Dawn Lang) (born November 2, 1961) is a gay Canadian singer and songwriter.

She was born in Consort, Alberta, Canada. Singing at country & western venues in her homeland, she made several recordings that received good reviews and earned a 1985 Canadian Juno Award for "Most Promising Female Vocalist".

In 1986 she signed a contract with an American record producer in Nashville, Tennessee and received critical acclaim for her 1987 album, Angel with a Lariat. Her career received a huge boost when rock legend, Roy Orbison chose her to record a duet of his standard, "Crying." Instead of being overwhelmed by the power of Orbison's three octave voice, the two blended their tremendous vocal ranges into a riveting collaboration. Later that same year she would sing background vocals with Jennifer Warnes and Bonnie Raitt for Orbison's acclaimed television special, A Black and White Night.

k.d. lang won a Grammy Award for "Best Country Vocal Performance, Female" for her 1989 album, Absolute Torch and Twang.

In addition to her musical talents lang has championed lesbian causes. Her animal rights vegetarian stands including a "Meat Stinks" campaign has created much controversy, particularly in her hometown in the middle of Alberta's cattle ranching industry.

The album, Ingenue, released in 1992, contained her most popular song, "Constant Craving" that brought her multi-million sales and much critical acclaim.

She contributed much of the music towards Gus van Sant's soundtrack of the movie version of Tom Robbin's Even Cowgirls get the Blues, and also did a cover of Skylark for the movie version of the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

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