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K9999 (pronounced Kay-four-nine) is a character from SNK Playmore's King of Fighters video game series.

According to his official biography, K9999 has no actual birthdate. He stands 1.68 m (5'5") and weighs 58 kg (128 lbs). His blood type is B, his favorite food is peanuts, he has no favorite sports, and his most important thing is working on bicycles. He hates orders and those who give them, and his fighting style is sheer power and "The Awakening."

After the NESTS cartel captured Kyo Kusanagi shortly after the battle with Orochi ended, they extracted DNA from his body, and experimented with it. The product of this research are the Kyo clones that wander around the fighting scene, using the power of the Kusanagi clan in their own way.

One of the clones was K', a loner, who had left the NESTS cartel out of his own free will in search of his own past to discover his future. The other is Kula Diamond, whose genetic tampering enabled her to wield ice in the same way K' used fire.

The third clone, Krizalid, had died in the advanced stages of the project. But although that seemed enough, NESTS was not content. All of these experiments were conducted on normal people, injected with the DNA of the Kusanagi, and analyzed their reaction to the power.

That was the premise behind the creation of K9999. Viewed to be the ultimate Kusanagi clone, NESTS used their advanced technology, and based on the experiment data they had gathered in the past, created a young man frail in appearance.

Despising his unnatural origin, K9999 was assigned to eliminate and do away with the renegade K'. He did not hate K' because they ordered him to do so, but rather because he would not have been treated so badly, not even created, if K' had not turned against NESTS.

Though K9999 was misunderstood, only one woman was bold enough to go beyond such formality: fellow NESTS agent, Angel. Angel was more interested in K9999's emotions than his possible potential, but he was already too bitter to trust anyone.

K9999 is a knock-off of Tetsuo from Akira; he has Tetsuo's hairstyle, cloak, and voice actor.

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