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Victor Company of Japan, or (Japan Victor Company) JVC, is a large international corporation headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, which produces audio, video, and consumer electronics products.

"The Victor Company of Japan" was founded in 1927 as a subsidiary of the United States' leading phonograph and record company, the Victor Talking Machine Company.

In 1929 majority ownership was transferred to RCA-Victor.

In 1939 JVC debuted Japan's first televisions.

The Japanese company severed relations with its foreign partners during World War II.

Since 1953, JVC has been owned by Matsushita.

JVC was the inventor of VHS system of video tape, with the first home machines debuting in 1976.

JVC is mostly known in Japan by the Victor name, preceded by the Nipper dog His Master's Voice logo. JVC is however not allowed to use it outside of Japan. Therefore, the http://www.jvc.jp and http://www.jvc.com web sites look quite different. Conversely, the HMV store chain exists in Japan, but they are not allowed to use the His Master's Voice motto and do not use the Nipper logo; it is replaced with a stylized image of a gramophone.

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