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Joshua Scott Chasez
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Joshua Scott Chasez

Joshua Scott Chasez (born August 8, 1976), known as "JC", was a performer on the second incarnation of The Mickey Mouse Club and is a member of the boy band *NSYNC. He has also written and produced several songs for *NSYNC as well as Wild Orchid and a track featured on Euge Groove's self titled album.

After the release of their fourth album Celebrity, the members of *NSYNC decided to take some time to pursue their own interests. After recording the single "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)" for the soundtrack of the Drumline motion Picture, released in December, 2002, Chasez decided to record a solo album.

His debut solo album, Schizophrenic, was released on January 27, 2004. It features the singles "Some Girls (Dance With Women)", and "All Day Long I Dream About Sex".