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Jorge Rafael Videla
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Jorge Rafael Videla

Videla in uniform (center).

Jorge Rafael Videla (Mercedes August 2, 1925) Argentine soldier and politician.

Following the political instability that arose in the aftermath of Juan Perón's death in 1974 and the subsequent presidency of his widow, the politically-inexperienced Isabel Perón, Videla and other high ranking military officials staged a coup d'état. Isabel was deposed, and a three-man interim junta assumed the powers of the presidency. Two days later, on 29 March 1976, Videla formally assumed the presidency, a post he would hold until 29 March, 1981.

His regime was known for its numerous disappearances of rivals and opponents, baby kidnappings, and the harsh tortures inflicted during the Dirty War.

In Operation Condor, a campaign of assassination and intelligence-gathering dubbed counter-terrorism, conducted by the security services of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay in the mid-1970s, many people were tortured, disappeared and were killed without trial.

Following the election of Nestor Kirchner, there has been a widespread effort in Argentina to discredit and delegitimize Videla's rule. The government no longer recognizes Videla as having been a legal president of the country, and his portrait has been removed from all halls and archives. There has also been many legal prosecutions of officials associated with the crimes of the regime.

Preceded by:
Isabel Perón
Presidents of Argentina Succeeded by:
Roberto Eduardo Viola