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John Gamble
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John Gamble

John Albert Gamble (born 1939) is a far right Canadian politician. He was elected to the Canadian House of Commons as a Progressive Conservative in the 1979 federal election and re-elected in 1980. He was a candidate at the 1983 Progressive Conservative leadership convention but his campaign won only 17 votes. Gamble was known for his extreme anti-communist views. He became so unpopular that he was the only Progressive Conservative MP to lose his seat in the 1984 general election which produced a Progressive Conservative landslide, the largest majority in the history of the House of Commons.

Gamble was defeated by independent candidate Tony Roman who was supported by Liberals dissatisfied with their candidate and Tories who wanted to defeat Gamble.

After failing to win a nomination as a Progressive Conservative candidate, Gamble ran as an independent in the 1988 election winning less than five percent of the vote.

In the 1980s Gamble was involved with the extermist World Anti-Communist League as head of its affiliate the Canadian Freedom Foundation, a group that has allegedly been linked with fascist groups and Central American death squads. The WACL has been described by former member Geoffrey Stewart-Smith as "largely a collection of Nazis, Fascists, anti-Semites, sellers of forgeries, vicious racialists, and corrupt self-seekers."