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Joe Millionaire
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Joe Millionaire

Joe Millionaire was a US reality television show screened in the US and later in the UK during 2003.

The basic plot is that a single man masquerades as a millionaire, pretending to have inherited millions from a relative, when he is in fact a not-so-rich builder.

Filmed primarily at the Château Bourdaisière in the countryside of the Commune of Montlouis-sur-Loire, in the Indre-et-Loire département of France. We follow him as he takes a group of hopeful women on several datess at exotic and luxurious locations, with fewer women making it through to the next "round" and the next set of dates.

Not until he is down to the final woman is the fact that he is not a millionaire revealed.

The experiment the show is perhaps conducting is to see how differently the women treat a man when they believe him to be rich, and when they know he is not rich - i.e. "does money matter"?