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JC Denton
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JC Denton

JC Denton is the protagonist of the video game Deus Ex.

Warning: Plot details follow.

In the game, JC is a clone of his brother Paul Denton and a prototype created by shadowy organization Majestic 12 to test their nano-augmentation program. As a result of testing, Paul was found to have the right combination of biologic and genetic factors to make him a good test candidate for the nano-augmentation. To create more compatible test subjects, Majestic 12 produced clones of Paul, but most failed to accept the augmentations. His parents however, were by now infertile and so once again approached MJ12 looking for a method to become pregnant. MJ12 offered one, in the form of the implantation of an embryo, a clone of Paul, which would later become JC Denton.

Later, as Paul reached adolescence, he became more independent and MJ12 decided to have him and his parents killed while JC was sent to a Swiss school to be under more supervision. Paul escaped the attack, and JC grew up unaware of his early childhood with Majestic 12. After graduation, JC joined UNATCO, a UN peacekeeping organization. He then becomes involved in the events shown in Deus Ex.