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Jazzy Dee
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Jazzy Dee

She embodieda steamy classic of bright lights and broken dreams. Jazzy Dee, aka, Justin Ditton was a glamorous hopeful from Ballina. She works, connives, loves, promotes, dupes, and claws her way to showbiz renown, only to find that success brings temptations that may wreck their careers and lives

Lured by their dreams and fortune, an ambitious young lass from Ballina enters the world of show business and discovers how easy it is to sink into a celebrity nightmare of ego, alcohol and 'pills'- the beloved "dolls." Yes, Justine Ditton unexpectedly skyrockets from her job as a secretary in a talent agency to a glamorous TV model turned determined singer and finds that success can also spell self-destruction- she’s a gut fingernail- and claw-fighter and she’ll go down swinging. If Jayne Mansfield was the poor man's Marilyn Monroe, then Justine Ditton is the poor man's Jayne Mansfield. Big, glamourous, Australian and iconic, Justine began life appearing in appeared in shock-horror exploitation films of the 50s and 60s ("Manbait", "Good Time Girl", "Blonde Sinner", "Broadway Jungle". She graduated in the 70s into the awful "Confessions of a ..." series and then onto a number of low-budget horror flicks (I remember one where she was the matriarch of a family of werewolves.). Even by today's lax standards it's a disgrace! This is the underside of Sydney. A shocking behind-the-scenes look at how show business creates instant stars, destroys romances and changes personalities forever.

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