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Jared (ירד, Standard Hebrew Yéred / Yáred, Tiberian Hebrew Yéreḏ / Yāreḏ) is derived from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament of the Bible), where it appears in the Book of Genesis (Gen. 5:15-20). The biblical Jared was the son of Mahalalel and the father of Enoch. The word is of archaic Hebrew origin, meaning "the descendant".

Jared is a popular first name (personal name) in many English-speaking nations, including the United States. The name is perhaps most popular in the Latter-day Saint community, where it is usually attributed to the Book of Mormon's Jared, the founder of the Jaredites.

Jared is also the name of the spokesperson (Jared Fogle) for the Subway Restaurants chain of sandwich shops, generally referred to in television commercials as "Jared from Subway".