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James Naughtie
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James Naughtie

James Naughtie, normally known as Jim, is a BBC journalist and radio news presenter, especially of Radio 4's The Today Programme.

Educated at Aberdeen University and then the Syracuse University in New York, he began his journalism career in 1975 at The Aberdeen Press & Journal;, moving to The Scotsman's London offices in 1977. The next year he moved to the paper's Westminster staff, and became its Chief Political Correspondent. He then, in 1981, worked for The Washington Post as the Laurence Sterne Fellow on its national staff. Naughtie joined The Guardian in 1984, and became Chief Political Correspondent there in 1985.

In 1986, he moved into radio journalism, presenting The Week In Westminster, and, in 1988, joining The World At One. He has also made several radio documentaries and series, and written two books, Playing the Palace: A Westminster Collection and The Rivals - The Intimate Story of a Political Marriage.

He has been a presenter of the televised Proms since 1992, and has also presented opera programmes such as Radio 3's Opera News.

Voted Radio Personality of the Year in 1990 as part of the Sony Radio Awards and Voice of the Listener and Viewer Award in 2001, Naughtie is married with three children.

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