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James Gordon
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James Gordon

James Gordon is a supporting character in the Batman comic books published by DC Comics.

He is Gotham City's police commissioner who often frequently contacts Batman for help in solving various crimes, particularly those committed by supervillains.

In the Pre-Crisis version, Gordon was a police detective who initially bitterly resented the mysterious vigilante's interference in police business. Although Batman which seemed to be on the force's side, his bizarre methods and phenomenal track record for stopping crimes and capturing criminals embarrassed the police by comparison. Eventually, Batman met up with Gordon and persuaded him that he only wanted to help in the cause of justice and he needed Gordon's help.

The Post-Crisis version of the character's arrival to Gotham City and meeting with Batman is depicted in the acclaimed story, written by Frank Miller. Both Gordon and Bruce Wayne arrived in Gotham at the same time and found themselves inadvertant allies against both the criminal element and the city's corrupt police department. Eventually, they formed a secret partnership to further the cause of justice.

When Gordon needs to summon Batman, a special searchlight with a stylized symbol of a bat is used called a Batsignal.

In addition, Gordon has a daughter, Barbara Gordon who eventually became the superhero, Batgirl who later became the information broker, Oracle.