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Jack Jones (singer)
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Jack Jones (singer)

Jack Jones (born John Allan Jones in January 14, 1938) is an American jazz and pop singer.

He was born in Hollywood, California, as the only son of actors Allan Jones and Irene Hervey. He was considered to be one of the major singers of his time by Frank Sinatra. As a two-time Grammy Awards winner, Jones remains popular in Las Vegas and performs in hotels and in concerts around the world.

Some of his best-known songs included "Wives And Lovers" (now considered seriously non-PC), "Call Me Irresponsible", "Lollipops And Roses", "If", "What I Did for Love", "Dear Heart", "The Impossible Dream", "Lady" and "The Love Boat Theme".

Jones had a well-publicised relationship with the actress, Susan George. He was married briefly to actress Jill St. John.

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