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Dorchester, Oxfordshire
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Dorchester, Oxfordshire

Dorchester-on-Thames is a village on the River Thames in Oxfordshire, England. In the 7th century it became the seat of the Bishopric of Dorchester, after the Bishop of Leicester had fled from Leicester. It was an extremely large Bishopric, and covered most of Wessex and Mercia.

The main tourist attraction in Dorchester is the abbey, a surprisingly large church for the size of village. Nearby is Day's Lock, where the annual World Poohsticks Championships take place.

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tml" title="Primer">primer in 1669. Eliot's missionary work made the Wampanoags literate, and wills, deeds, and other documents survive that were written in Massachusett using the orthography he introduced. The existence of a Bible translation has given Massachusett a much richer documentation than other extinct Native American languages, and members of the Wampanoag nation are attempting to revive the study of the language.

The Lord's Prayer in Massachusett goes:

Nooshun kesukqut, wunneetupantamuch koowesuounk. Peyamooutch kukkeitasootamounk. Toh anantaman ne n-naj okheit, neane kesukqut. Asekesukokish petukqunnegash assaminnean yeu kesukok. Ahquontamaiinnean nummatcheseongatch, neane matchenehikqueagig nutahquontamanóunonog. Ahque sagkompaguninnean en qutchhuaonganit, webe pohquohwussinnan wutch matchitut. Newutche keitassootamoonk, kutahtauun, menuhkesuonk, sohsumoonk micheme kah micheme. Amen.

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