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Irish calendar
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Irish calendar

caThe Irish calendar does not observe the astronomical seasons (beginning, in the Northern Hemisphere, on the equinoxes and solstices), or the meteorological seasons (beginning on March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1), but rather follows the seasons of the ancient Celts (see below) which are pre-Christian in origin. This is particularly evident in the Irish naming of many of the months: some names, like May (Bealtaine), August (Lughnasadh)/Lúnasa and November (Samhain, in the form of Mí na Samhna) were the names of pagan Celtic festivals. In addition, the names for September and October (Meán Fómhair and Deireadh Fómhair respectively) translate directly as "middle of autumn" and "end of autumn".

Table of contents
1 Seasons
2 Calendar terms in Irish language


Winter (end)

January - Eanáir


(February, March and April)

February - Feabhra

March - Márta

''The last days of March and the first three days of April are known as The Old Cows Days/The Days of the Brindled Cow or, in the Irish language, Laethanta an Bó Riabhaigh.

April - Aibreán


(May, June and July)

May - Bealtaine

The first Monday in May is a public holiday.

June - Meitheamh

The first Monday in June is a public holiday.

July - Iúil


(August, September and October)

August - Lúnasa

The first Monday in August is a public holiday.

September - Meán Fómhair

October - Deireadh Fómhair

The last Monday in October is a public holiday.

Winter (start)

(November, December and January see above)

November - Mí na Samhna

December - Mí na Nollag

Calendar terms in Irish language

Days of the week - Laethanta na Seachtaine

Seasons of the year - Ráithí na Bliana/Na Séasúir

Religious seasons - Séasúir Creidimh

Holidays and holydays - Féilte na Bliana

Movable feasts - Na Féilte Reatha