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Inuit mythology
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Inuit mythology

Inuit mythology has many similarities to the religions of other polar regions.

Inuit mythology is unlike the common conception of what the term "mythology" refers to. Unlike Greek mythology, for example, people have believed in it, without interruption, up to and including the present time. While there are few believers left when compared to Christianity, for example, many Inuit do still hold to their ancestral religious beliefs; there are also neopagans who have integrated some or all of the Inuit beliefs into their own belief structures. Many Inuit have merged those beliefs to a greater or lesser degree with Christianity or other religions, and may hold varying degrees of literal belief in what is described below. This occurs in any set of religious beliefs--a section believes all the stories and ideas contained within are the literal truth (see fundamentalism) and the rest believe in the ideas to a lesser degree of literal truth.

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1 Basic beliefs
2 Masters
3 List of deities and other terms

Basic beliefs


List of deities and other terms