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Innuendo is an indirect and subtle implication in an expression in speech or writing, whereby a sentence has a double meaning. When innuendo is used in a sentence, it could go completely undetected by someone who was not familiar with the hidden meaning, and they would find nothing odd about the sentence (aside from other people finding it humorous for seemingly no reason). Innuendo often has sexual undertones, in that someone could be implying something related to sex in a seemingly innocent sentence.

Perhaps due to the fact that innuendo is not considered offensive to those who do not 'get' the hidden implication, it is often prevalent in sitcoms and other comedy which would in fact be considered suitable for children. Children would find this comedy funny, but because most children lack understanding of the hidden implication in innuendo, they would find it funny for a completely different reason to most adult viewers.

Sexual innuendo is common in British sitcoms and radio comedy such as I'm sorry I haven't a clue. For example, in Are You Being Served, Mrs Slocombe makes frequent references to her "pussy", such as "It's a wonder I'm here at all, you know. My pussy got soakin' wet. I had to dry it out in front of the fire before I left." A child might find this statement funny simply because of the references to her pussy cat, whereas an adult would detect the innuendo (pussy is sexual slang for vagina).

The concept of innuendo is illustrated by this joke:

A man walked into a bar and asked the barmaid for an Innuendo; so she gave him one.
(gave him one is a reference to a sexual practice of some sort).

Innuendo is also the title of an album by Queen. The album also contains a song, "Innuendo". The idea of the song is that racism is a kind of slander or libel, and a prominent part of the song is the innuendo itself.

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