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Humacao, Puerto Rico
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Humacao, Puerto Rico

Humacao is a quiet little town in Eastern Puerto Rico.

Humacao doesn't have the big hospital facilities, professional sports teams or large crowds of many of Puerto Rico's larger cities. But it does have a branch of the University Of Puerto Rico with a large sports facility, unspoiled miles of beach, a small airport and a large golf course, Puerto Rico's only Beach Club and a Golf Club at Palmas Del Mar Beach Resort.

Humacao has three hospitals (HIMA Humacao, Dr. Dominguez Hospital. Hospital Ryder Memorial). All three of them have been greatly developed and Hospital Ryder Memorial is under renovations and celebrating it's 40th Anniversary.

Humacao is famous all over Puerto Rico for it's granitos, a greasy snack food which is composed of a fried shell filled with hot cheese and rice inside of it. People have for years driven to Humacao from other cities just to taste this snack food.

Humacao's small airport is served by Vieques Air Link with a daily flight from Vieques, and occasionally by small airplanes chartered by the Palmas Del Mar resort to fly groups of guests to the airport, which is near the hotel. The Airport is also used for a Skydiving Club, one of the few in Puerto Rico.

There are various Supermarkets as well as two big Shopping malls with over 30 stores (Plaza Palma Real and Humacao Shopping Mall) and various elementary and high school facilities. Two of which were recognized by the Middle States Association of Secondary Schools and each has their own Honor Society chapters.

Humacao has gone through many changes and it is currently one of the fastest developing municiples in Puerto Rico. It has become a big tourist magnet due to Palmas del Mar Resort, our beautiful beaches and the nearness to other natural beauties in Puerto Rico.

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