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How to breed Siamese Fighting Fish
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How to breed Siamese Fighting Fish

Breeding Siamese Fighting Fish

Let me first say that breeding fighting fish should only be done by an experienced hobbiest with reputable breeding-quality bettas.

The basic equipment needed includes:

1) 10 gallon aquarium

2) Water conditioner

3) Methelene Blue - helps prevent egg fungus and keeps infections from hurting the spawning pair due to torn fins

4) Square sponge filter

5) Styrofoam cup cut in half

6) Thermometer - the kind that are placed inside the tank

7) 1 or 2 floating plastic plants - to provide protective hiding place for female and fry

8) Either a hood and light - must cover entire tank...those that do not should be covered with saran wrap. This traps in moist humid air which helps fry's labyrinth develop correctly.

9) Heater - should be fully submersible including cord

10) Microworm culture - from breeder

12) An air pump

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