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Holy Roller
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Holy Roller

Holy Roller is a term used to mock members of fundamentalist Christian sects, notably Pentecostal, who will fall to the floor and roll around while under the "Spirit of the Lord".

In 1975, the Scottish Rock and Roll band, Nazareth, recorded a popular song with the title "Holy Roller" whose lyrics are a reference to these Christian fundamentalists.


Holy roller, lookin' down
Where you think you know
All the answers
Arrogance and pride....are sin
Better look to your own chances

Holy roller can you save your own soul
Can you save your own soul
Holy roller
Standin' up for Jesus
That's your thing
But you're standin' on peoples hearts
Charity is a virtue
To be praised
Better get back on... Jesus' track

Holy roller, practice what you preach
Heaven, it's still within your reach
Holy roller, don't you judge
What you think is goin' wrong

CHORUS: (2x)