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HGH quackery
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HGH quackery

Since the landmark study in 1991 by Dr. Rudman (Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Men over 60 Years Old (New England Journal of Medicine, 1990;323:1) which showed remarkable therapeutic results of the administration of growth hormone in elderly men, there has been a burdgeoning industry surrounding the sale and administration of GH and its possible anti-aging effects.

As a result of the increased business interest, finding reliable, clinically established knowledge of the administration, effects, risks, benefits, availability, and cost of GH is now a daunting task. In order to find reliable medical information, one must separate the real knowledge from the profit-motivated hype (see pseudoscience).

Therapeutic administration of Human Growth Hormone and other supplements MAY provide health advantages, but there will always be money to be made in exaggerating such advantages. The incidence of HGH quackery will probably continue until such time that reliable knowledge of the use of GH becomes widespread in the consumer marketplace.

Reliable, medical Internet sites can be an easy way to determine what is true from what is not.

Some reputable sites for more information include