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Heir presumptive
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Heir presumptive

An heir presumptive is one who is first in line to inherit a title or property, such as a monarchy, because there is not yet an heir apparent.

Depending on the rules of the monarchy in question, the heir presumptive might be the daughter of a monarch (if males take priority over females and the monarch has no sons), or the senior member of a collateral line (if the monarch is childless).

If an heir apparent is born, he becomes first-in-line to the throne, with all of his descendants taking priority over the Heir Presumptive in the Line of Succession. In the event of there being an heir apparent, the title Heir Presumptive lapses and is not used to describe the most senior person in the Line of Succession who is not a direct male descendant of the monarch. A woman who is in the same position is called the Heiress Presumptive.

Examples of Heirs Presumptive who inherited thrones

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