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H2 is a manga written by Mitsuru Adachi.

It is a story about boys in high school playing baseball. But, the main character of the story named Hiro Kunimi, was told by the doctor that if he would continued pitching, his arm will broke and will not be able to throw anymore. This had made him go to a high school called "Senkawa." A school with out any baseball club. His childhood friend catcher, Atsushi Noda, also decided to go there too because he had problems with is waist. Unfortunately, his friend from junior high school named Hideo Tachibana, went to "Meiwaichi" high school.

Hiro decided to start playing soccer. But luckly, it turned out that the doctor who diagnosised Hiro Kunimi, was a quack. Hiro decides to start playing baseball again with Atsushi. They didn't have baseball club so they try hard to make a baseball club.

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