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Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden
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Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden

King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden, Oskar Fredrik Wilhelm Olaf Gustav Adolf (November 11, 1882 - September 15, 1973), was the eldest son of King Gustav V. At birth he was created Duke of Scania. On October 29, 1950, he succeeded his father on the throne.

He married, firstly, Princess Margaret of Connaught on June 15, 1905.
Gustav VI Adolf
ReignOctober 29 1950-September 15, 1973
Coronation No coronation ceremony
Royal motto "Plikten framför allt" ("Duty above all")
Consorts Margaret of Britain (1905-1920)
Louise Mountbatten (1923-)
Royal HouseBernadotte
PredecessorGustav V of Sweden
SuccessorCarl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
Date of BirthNovember 11, 1882
Place of Birth-
Date of DeathSeptember 15, 1973
Place of Death-
Place of BurialStockholm


  1. Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Westrobothnia (1906-1947)
  2. Prince Sigvard, Duke of Uplandia, later Count Sigvard Bernadotte af Wisborg (1907-2002)
  3. Princess Ingrid, later Queen of Denmark (1910-2000).
  4. Prince Bertil, Duke of Hallandia (1912-1997)
  5. Prince Carl Johan, Duke of Dalecarlia, later Count Carl Johan Bernadotte af Wisborg (1916-)

He married, secondly, Lady Louise Mountbatten, on November 3, 1923, however the marriage did not result in any children. He was succeeded on the throne by his grandson Carl XVI Gustaf, son of the Duke of Westrobothnia.

Gustav VI Adolf was also a devoted amateur archaeologist, and was elected an honorary fellow of the British Academy in 1953.

Preceded by:
Gustav V
King of Sweden Succeeded by:
Carl XVI Gustaf