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Gustav V of Sweden
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Gustav V of Sweden

King Gustav V of Sweden, Oscar Gustaf Adolf (June 16, 1858 - October 29, 1950), was the eldest son of King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway. At birth he was created Duke of Wermelandia. On December 8, 1907 he succeeded his father on the Swedish throne, which had been separated from the Norwegian two years earlier.

Gustaf V
ReignDecember 8 1907-October 29 1950
CoronationNo coronation ceremony
Royal motto "Med folket för fosterlandet"
("With the people for the motherland")
QueenVictoria of Baden
Royal HouseBernadotte
PredecessorOscar II of Sweden
SuccessorGustav VI Adolf of Sweden
Date of BirthJune 16, 1858
Place of BirthDrottningholm Palace
Date of DeathOctober 29, 1950
Place of DeathDrottningholm Palace
Place of BurialRiddarholmskyrkan, Stockholm

He married Princess Victoria of Baden on September 20, 1881. She was the granddaughter of Sofia of Sweden, and her marriage to Gustav V united the reigning Bernadotte dynasty with the former royal house of Vasa.

During a series of scandals in the 1950s known as the Haijby affair, which was in turn a continuation of the Kejne affair, it came to public knowledge that the king was, and had always been bisexual. This is said to have "made virtually no difference to his marriage."

Gustav V was the last Swedish King to intervene directly in the politics of the country, in 1914 on the disputes over defence budgets.

Gustav V was also a devoted Tennis player, appearing under the pseudonym Mr G.


  1. King Gustav VI Adolf (1882-1973)
  2. Prince Wilhelm, Duke of Sudermannia (1884-1965)
  3. Prince Erik, Duke of Westmannia (1889-1918)

Preceded by:
Oscar II
King of Sweden Succeeded by:
Gustav VI Adolf